Kipyegon WR, Niels Laros (Guest), Jakob and Girma Go for WR, Tuohy Chasing History, Hocker is Back

11 months ago

Niels Laros is barely 18 yet he has run 1:46, 3:38 and 13:23 and is a pro runner for Nike. The teen phenom joins us at 81:20 to talk about his amazing career and start in the sport.

Faith Kipyegon got her world record and became the first woman to go sub 3:50 for 1500, Mo Katir got the big 5000 PR as 3 Americans ran sub 12:57, but Luis Grijalva was faster than them all.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen is going for the 2-mile world record on Friday in Paris and Lamecha Girma is going for the steeplechase world record as Sydney McLaughlin-Lavrone makes her 2023 debut vs Marileidy Paulino.

19-year-old Addy WIley has arrived, Katelyn Tuohy goes for history at NCAAs and Cole Hocker is back.

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  • Show notes: 0:00 NordVPN - The VPN of LetsRun
  • 00:38 Intro
  • 06:13 Faith Kipyegon breaks 1500m WR, first woman under 3:50 - takes on Letsenbet Gidey at 5000 this Friday
  • 15:43 Kipyegon vs El Guerrouj
  • 17:49 The first person under 3:50 in the mile was...
  • 22:02 Men's 5000- 3 Americans < 12:57
  • 27:54 Katir responds online to doping accusations
  • 36:45 Jakob and Girma going for 2 mile and steeplechase world records in Paris
  • 44:58 Sydney vs Paulino in 400
  • 51:06 Addy Wiley 4:03 1500m as a 19-year old American
  • 59:13 Cole Hocker is back!
  • 01:02:23 Katelyn Tuohy going for most NCAA titles in a school year / 1500/ 5000 double
  • 01:12:22 Men's steeple is loaded
  • 01:16:09 Women's 800 - Michaela Rose ready to go 1:57?
  • 01:21:20 Niels Laros Guest - 1:46, 3:38 and 13:23 and he's barely 18

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