Jakob's 3:26, Matthew Centrowitz Part 2, Jess Hull WR, Slowest Olympians, Paris Course
Jess Hull 3:50.83, Wolfe Over Blanks, Is Hassan in Trouble? LOADED Monaco preview + Kipyegon world record
Paris WR Bonanza! Faith Kipyegon 3:49.04 WR, Hull 3:50.8, Muir 3:53.7, Deepest 800 Ever, Yaroslava Mahuchikh World Record High Jump
Winners and Losers at Olympic Trials, Olympic 100m Favorites
British Champ Neil Gourley (Guest) and Josh Kerr's Coach Danny Mackey (Guest)
Matthew Centrowitz Retires (Guest) + Halftime at Trials + Athing Mu Out - Olympic Track and Field Trials Podcast
+ Grand Slam Track Unveiled + Getting Ready For The US Olympic Trials + Reviewing the Kenyan/Ethiopian Olympic Trials
Valby makes history, Fred Kerley situation, Olympic Trials, Fantasy match-ups, Star for Michael Johnson League
(Bonus Podcast) Villanova's Liam Murphy
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