Kerr 61:51 Half, Kiptum and Kipyegon Athletes of Year, Nick Willis' Streak Ends, Rojo's Begins?

5 months ago

Josh Kerr blasted a 61:51 half marathon and will chase the 2 mile world record but may not run world indoors in Scotland. Fellow Scot Jake Wightman is out. What will Jakob Ingebrigtsen do?

Kelvin Kiptum and Faith Kipyegon are the 2023 athletes of the year.

Plus how fast could Jakob Ingebrigtsen run a half marathon? Who wins in a half marathon race between Josh Kerr and Letesenbet Gidey? and the Best Thing in Running

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  • Show notes:
  • 00:00 The Gift of
  • 00:35
  • 00:59 Get a VPN for your visit to the -in-laws
  • 2:04 Start
  • 06:05 Does anything matter besides the Olympics?
  • 10:03 Jake Wightman OUT of World Indoors, John talked to Danny Mackey about Josh Kerr wanting to do it
  • 18:28 Laura Muir doing World Indoors
  • 24:26 Alicia Monson running The Ten instead of World XC or World Indoors (she's also running Millrose)
  • 30:44 Kelvin Kiptum and Faith Kipyegon Athletes of the Year
  • 38:20 Noah Lyles' Statement on Athlete of the Year Awards
  • 40:49 World 25k records set
  • 45:29 Josh Kerr 61:51 half marathon, how fast could Jakob run?
  • 49:50 Who wins at a half? Letesenbet Gidey or Josh Kerr?
  • 51:07 JK One peak or two?
  • 56:49 Nick Willis sub 4 mile streak coming to an end *Thread
  • 01:00:26 Rojo's sub 5? Sub 6 attempt?
  • 01:06:22 Best thing in running: Katie Izzo trying to qualify for Olympics via xc rankings *Thread
  • Give for Xmas
  • Links: Willis sub 4 streak ends

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