Loaded Boston Marathon, The Olympic Quadruple, More Kenyan Doping Positives and Pro Signings

1 year ago

Action got underway indoors and especially in cross country but the biggest news of the week was Kenyan doping busts, a loaded Boston Women's Marathon field being announced, and the revealing of the Paris Olympics schedule.

Will Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone try and quadruple? Could Jakob Ingebrigtsen really try the triple?

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  • Show notes:
  • 08:08 2023 Boston Marathon women's field is impressive. Deepest and fastest ever in Boston.
  • 26:28 Paris Olympic schedule is out. Who can double? Who can triple or quadruple?
  • 36:44 Will Jakob try the 10k/ 1500/ 5k triple?
  • 47:29 More Kenyan doping suspensions including Michael Saruni, NCAA 800m indoor record holder, and Alice Aprot
  • 01:07:44 Indoor/XC action - Jake Wightman gets beat in 3k by 2:12 marathoner
  • 01:13:39 Hobbs Kessler 2:20 1000m
  • 01:14:28 Cross action - Geoffrey Kamworor impresses
  • 01:17:55 Signings- Stephanie Bruze pulls a Tom Brady and unretires
  • 01:22:09 Natosha Rogers to Puma
  • 01:25:04 David Ribich Joines Union Athletic Club
  • 01:30:16 Noah Kibet the future at 800?

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