What World Indoors -Elle, Bryce, Kerr & Geordie, Kipchoge Bombs, Lyles Runs 4x4

1 month ago

The World Indoor Champs were a resounding success for the US distance runners and we give them one final look. Elle St. Pierre ran 8:20 for gold, Bryce Hoppel got gold and 5 more Americans took home medals, as Josh Kerr impressed and Geordie Beamish's kick got him gold.

Eliud Kipchoge bombed in Tokyo. Will he make the Kenyan Olympic team?

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  • Show notes:
  • 00:00 Intro music
  • 00:22 Start
  • 02:54 Wejo meeting w Lyles email questions wejo@letsrun.com
  • 03:27 Noah Lyles runs 4x400, his agent says no politics involved
  • 07:40 Men's 1500: You can't outkick Geordie Beamish!?!
  • 23:01 Elle St. Pierre the biggest winner at the meet?
  • 26:33 Sifan Hassan, Tokyo, The 1500 & Elle
  • 30:01 Ethiopian tactics in women's 1500
  • 34:32 Bryce Hoppel is back?!
  • 42:04 Men's3000: 'Josh Kerr super impressive
  • 44:35 Josh Kerr cites lack of prize money, backs Michael Johnson's league
  • 53:21 World rankings vs season's best
  • 58:33 A new 800 star?
  • 01:00:33 Eliud Kipchoge bombs in Tokyo- will he make the Olympic team?
  • 01:08:53 Betsy Saina 2:19:17 in Tokyo
  • 01:11:14 $17k for Gate River Run, $40k for World Champs

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