Chelimo is Baaack, Coleman > Lyles, Mega Match-ups in Rabat (Jakob vs Yared, Kerley vs Jacobs)

11 months ago

Christian Coleman took down Noah Lyles at 100m in Bermuda and Paul Chelimo impressed at the night of the 10,000s even if he missed the World Championship standard.

The action really heats up this weekend in Rabat with Fred Kerley vs Marcell Jacobs and Yared Nuguse vs Jakob Ingebrigtsen. Meanwhile stateside, Sha'Carri Richardson will be in LA as Cole Hocker and Cooper Teare will take on Reynold and Tim Cheruiyot at 1500.

Full show notes below.

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  • Show notes:
  • 00:00 Xc Cross Country Racing Apple iPhone here Android here
  • :42 Drink LMNT
  • 04:27 Paul Chelimo is baaack 27:12 (and so is Jon from "suspension")
  • 11:11 Who does 10,000/5000 double at USAs?
  • 15:12 Women's Results Mizan Alem Adane 29:59, Weini Kelati 2nd
  • 20:21 No more time qualifiers in rounds at Worlds in events 1500+
  • 31:24 Christian Coleman takes down Noah Lyles 9.78 to 9.80 in Bermuda
  • 37:24 Marcell Jacobs vs Fred Kerley @ 100m Sunday in Rabat
  • 45:56 Jakob Ingebrigtsen vs Yared Nuguse @ 1500m in Rabat
  • 52:40 Intern Alex
  • 54:02 Nuguse vs Jakob Prediction
  • 59:17 1500m in LA - Cole Hocker vs Cooper Teare vs Reynold and Timothy Cheruiyot
  • 01:07:39 Sha'Carri in 100m in LA
  • 01:11:23 Sydney skipping LA but running Paris 10 days later
  • End Drink LMNT, Join our Supporters Club for a Rabat recap podcast

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