RIP Kelvin Kiptum, Millrose Games Grades, LOADED USATF Indoors Preview

5 months ago

The running world tragically lost one of its brightest lights, Kelvin Kiptum, the world record holder in the marathon, the man who in 10 months revolutionized how the marathon can be run, tragically passed away at the age of 24. We pay our respects.

Then we turn to an amazing 2024 Millrose Games where Devynne Charlton started things off by breaking the world record in the 60m hurdles but the highlight was Josh Kerr running 8:00.67 to break the 2-mile world record and take down Grant Fisher, plus American records by Ellie St. Pierre, a big run by Yared Nuguse, Hobbs Kessler and even Cole Hocker. Plus, Alicia Monson broke an American record and Rojo wasn't that impressed.

We break it all down and then take a look at a stacked USATF Indoors.

Show notes below.

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  • Jakob on why others don't front-run the 1500 - They aren't capable of it and don't have enough "balls" to try it.
  • Thread: How much has altitude been scientifically been proven to make a difference in the mile / 1500?
  • 00:00 use code "letsrun"
  • 00:43 Join the Supporters Club
  • 01:47 Start
  • 03:48 Kelvin Kiptum RIP *link
  • 07:49 There has never been a marathoner like Kiptum
  • 13:23 1-844-LETSRUN and don't forget to join Supporters Club Today
  • 14:29 What a Millrose - Rojo hands out his grades
  • 15:09 Highlight - Josh Kerr Winning the 2-Mile and Breaking WR
  • 22:01 Grant Fisher's 8:03.62 AR grade
  • 25:33 Josh Kerr vs Jakob
  • 28:05 Jakob Ingebrigtsen's "balls" *link
  • 34:25 Yared Nuguse 3rd fastest indoor mile ever
  • 37:16 Hobbs' Kessler's grade -3:48.66 mile
  • 37:39 Cooper Teare - 3:53.41
  • 39:48 Kessler's unorthodox training *Video
  • 44:30 Cole Hawker's grade -8:05.70 2 mile
  • 47:10 Geordie Beamish exposed?!
  • 50:12 Christian Coleman wins 60 and doesn't want to talk to us
  • 54:43 Women's Rankings- Elle St. Pierre A+ - American record
  • 57:31 Jess Hull -4:19 mile
  • 58:41 Maia Ramsden of Harvard
  • 59:21 Laura Muir -9:04.84 2-mile
  • 01:00:47 Alicia Monson American record = C+?!
  • 01:02:20 Nikki Hiltz - 9:15.80 2-mile
  • 01:07:18 Ajee' Wilson spotted
  • 01:08:15 The women's 1500 has changed
  • 01:12:01 USA Indoor preview
  • 01:13:04 Loaded men's 3000 with Nuguse, Hocker, Nur, Teare
  • 01:17:19 Men's 1500- Hocker or Kessler?
  • 01:21:19 Women's 1500 - St. Pierre, Hiltz and Wiley but Wiley also in 800
  • 01:27:23 Could Americans get gold and silver in 1500 at World Indoors?
  • 01:27:34 Epic 3000 if Kerr runs
  • 01:28:54 Embrace the moment RIP Kelvin Kiptum

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