Bye Bye Monaco, Hello Tokyo, Guest Hobbs Kessler

2 years ago

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The Diamond League is on break until Tokyo and that means it is time for Olympic speculation.

Potato Tim and Nijel Amos are back in a big way, Kate Grace and Isaiah Harris won't be in Tokyo but they're winning Diamond Leagues, the Fake Josh Kerr has a lot to say, Usain Bolt runs an 800, is Rojo like Jerry Schumacher, and this week in social media with intern Karl, before an interview with Gatorade High School track athlete of the year and new adidas pro Hobbs Kessler at 86:51.

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  • Show notes:
  • 4:52 Fake Josh Kerr on England, Euros, and getting his On shoes
  • 9:15 Monaco: Timothy Cheruiyot and Nijel Amos are baaack, Should Ingebrigtsen double?
  • 25:30 Fake Josh Kerr on Chunky Josh Kerr
  • 27:30 Faith Kipyegon 3:51 destruction of Sifan Hassan. Should Hassan still triple?
  • 34:55 Will Emma Coburn ever break 9? Her Olympic chances
  • 41:36 Isaiah Harris and Kate Grace win in Gateshead, Clayton Murphy fine and training through (Video) or in trouble?
  • 52:15 Would you put Kate Grace on the Olympic team if you could?
  • 55:51 Sadi Henderon 2:01 to 1:58
  • 59:29 What explains Mohamed Katir's transformation? Katir is the most obvious doper of all time
  • IMO Katir is clean, here's why I think that
  • 66:34 This Week in Social Media with Intern Karl
  • 70:03 Everyone complaining about Tokyo beds, lack of fans, opening ceremonies
  • 77:25 Usain Bolt runs an 800
  • 80:34 Rojo like Jerry Schumacher (from David Melly podcast)
  • 86:51 Gatorade high school track athlete of the year and new adidas pro Hobbs Kessler

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