NCAAs Are Here: Valby vs Tuohy, NAU vs Ok State, Siegel Renewed, Marathon Trials 10 am

5 months ago

The NCAA XC Championships are Saturday in Virginia an we break them down. Who you got Parker Valby or Katelyn Tuohy? Can NAU win again or will Oklahoma State stop them? Can a 21-year-old American from Harvard, Graham Blanks, really win?

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Plus USATF CEO Max Siegel got his contract renewed. Why is he still getting bonuses from the Nike contract signed in 2014?

  • Show notes: 0:00:00 Introduction
  • 0:02:47 Rojo's Unfortunate Events
  • 0:09:15 NCAA Cross Country Championships Sold Out
  • 0:12:54 Defending Vin Lananna's accomplishments and addressing capacity issues
  • 0:19:10 The Big Storylines at NCAA
  • 019:42 Mike Smith / NAU Profile in The Athletic: Coaching Success and Mental Approach to Running - Big Profile in The Athletic
  • 0:27:36 Foreigners, Flagstaff
  • 0:30:56 Men's Team Title- NAU or Oklahoma State
  • 0:48:04 Men's Individual Battle- Can Nico Young get it done or does a 21-year-old from Harvard, Graham Blanks, really have a shot.
  • 0:52:38 History of American winners in NCAA cross country titles
  • 0:57:50 Women's Battle: Parker Valby vs Katelyn Tuohy
  • 1:01:44 Tangents and Tapering
  • 1:05:12 Will Kaitlyn Tuohy make the 2024 Olympic Team?
  • 1:13:33 Olympic Marathon Trials at 10 am
  • 1:16:43 Max Seigel's contract extended through 2028 Olympics
  • 1:25:16 Nike Deal Negotiations and Leadership Questions
  • 1:34:22 Lack of transparency in Siegel's contract evaluation
  • Links: The Athletic article on NAU: Mystery in the aspens: How did a running dynasty take root

  • Rojo's video on Max Siegel's salary

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