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Pro Track is Back, Salwa Eid Naser banned, Hayward Field Reopening, Impossible Games, Treadmill Records, Brown Track Reinstated

a year ago

Professional track meets are sort of back

The Diamond League comes back this weekend in Oslo w Team Kenya vs Team Norway (preview here), World 400m champ Salwa Eid Naser gets banned, Brown track gets reinstated, world records galore on the treadmill, deleted threads of the week and the Fantasy 2020 Prefontaine Classic. Show notes below.

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Show notes:
0:43 Hayward Field Reopens
6:26 World 400m champ Salwa Eid Naser banned
24:49 Brown track and field is baack
39:02 Impossible Games
50:23 Praise for ourselves, defund the police, and Jacob Frey
58:05 Chaski Challenge Treadmill World Records galore led by Sara Hall
66:08 1984 Olympic Marathon & Joan Benoit Samuelson, McDonald's, Julie Brown 800/Marathon Olympic double
74:58 Bobby Morrow RIP
78:44 Deleted/Restored Threads of Week:  Centro: least deserving Olympic gold medalist of all time??

*Breaking News ! July and August to be scrapped!
86:25 Team Kenya or Team Norway at Impossible Games

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