Dreams Become Reality, Craziness on the Track & Roads, Jacob Thomson (Guest)

1 year ago

At the end of 2020, Jacob Thomson didn't have a sponsor but he packed his bags and made the drive to Flagstsaff. Now running for Under Armour Dark Skey, he's the US champion in the half marathon and has his eyes on the 2024 Olympics in the Marathon. He joins us at 90:04 in the Where Your Dreams Become Reality Segment.

Prior to that we break down the running world. There was craziness on the roads in Osaka, a great indoor meet in Birmingham, craziness in the college ranks, and we debate what should Katelyn Tuohy and the Washington men do at NCAAs, plus Molly Seidel raced a half two weeks before her Nagoya Marathon.

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  • 05:45 10 Japanese go sub 2:10 at Osaka Marathon
  • 15:06 Birmingham World Indoor Final - Neil Gourley British Record
  • 19:37 Keely Hodgkinson is she really in WR shape?
  • 24:58 Should we have world records for races with no watches or rabbits?
  • 31:42 Crazy ACC action - baton dropped at end of 4x400, slow heat wins 5k, when should they rerun a race?
  • 46:56 Katelyn Tuohy living up to the hype, what should she run at NCAAs?
  • 57:28 World record watch for Julien Alfred? Talitha Diggs gets American record at 400
  • 59:39 Washington could have 7 guys in the NCAA mile
  • 01:11:34 Love for Henry Wynne
  • 01:13:04 Cooper Teare miler or 5000m runner?
  • 01:16:44 Sinclaire Johnson impresses in 3000
  • 01:18:55 Us juniors had to cover Nike logo at World XC
  • 01:22:23 Rojo gets the singlet back from Dan Michalski
  • 01:23:55 US Half Marathon Champs Jacob Thomson gets first national title, Aliphine Tuliamuk wins, Molly Seidel?
  • 01:30:43 Jacob Thomson - Where your dreams become reality segment: He packed his bags and moved to Flagstaff without a sponsor, now he's a national champion
  • 01:31:35 Jacob's big win in Ft. Worth
  • 01:36:47 His career till now
  • 01:39:38 His online coaching
  • 01:43:02 Doubling back at USATF 15k Champs
  • 01:44:54 Olympic marathon Trials
  • 01:46:42 Living the dream- moving to Flagstaff with no sponsor
  • 01:48:02 Great recent success of Under Armour Dark Sky team
  • 01:51:50 The future of USATF road championships
  • 01:55:03 Fort Worth > Dallas

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