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Tokyo Approaches: Raevyn and Ajee' Tune-up, Kerr Trash Talks Centro, Hassan Triples? & Makhloufi Enters

2 months ago

We're 8 days away from track and field at the Olympics and athletes are tuning-up, talking shit, and getting nervous.

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  • Order of show: Will they make it to Tokyo?
  • Ajee Wilson and Raevyn Rogers tune-up for Tokyo, Josette Norris 3:59
  • Olympic 1500 betting/ praise for Craig Engels
  • Olympic entries are out- Good news for Athing Mu and Emma Coburn
  • 30 Minutes:
  • Taoufik Makhloufi entered
  • Update on Sifan Hassan triple
  • Rojo thread: Josette Norris vs Katir & Houlihan
  • Crazy story of Spanish agent asking to get banned
  • Social Media with Intern Karl - is he vaccinated?
  • 61:02 Real Josh Kerr talks shit about Matthew Centrowitz
  • Should Usain Bolt do more for track?
  • 72:02 Rojo's rant: Did Gwen Jorgensen leave BTC because of Shelby Houlihan?
  • Links: Josette Norris vs Katir & Houlihan
  • Ethiopian Team for Olympics

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