2023's Biggest Disappointments & Surprises + A SUB-4 Mile In The Middle Of A Marathon?

5 months ago

Shhhh. Don't tell Jonathan Gault or Weldon Johnson but Robert Johnson secretly recorded this show without their permission. He reveals his biggest disappointments and surprises for 2023 and then gets super excited about the 2024 Paris Olympic Marathon. He breaks down the course and without saying it predicts that a sub-4 mile in the middle of it is more likely than a sub-2 hour marathon. He made that prediction on the messageboard. Speaking of messageboard, these are the two threads he talked about this week:

Time stamps:

  • 0:00 Intro and then talk about what percent of top 3 finishers at USAs repeat as top 3 the next year?
  • Does this ratio hold true at the Worlds level? What percent of medallists at the Worlds level repeat the next year?
  • 8:15 Breakthrough performers of the year - Yared Nuguse, Krissy Gear, Addy Wiley, etc.
  • 15:30 How about some love for Lamecha Girma?
  • 16:55 What shocked Rojo at the Worlds level? Who broke out in 2023? Emmanuel Wanyoni, Ben Pattison, Narve Nordas, and Simon Koech all get some love.
  • 19:30 Can Evan Jager have Joe Flacco type moment in 2024?
  • 20:05 Rojo shares his biggest disappointment of the year - Cooper Teare.
  • 23:15 Rojo talks about a messageboard thread that should make married people laugh.
  • 24:23 Rojo gets mad that people are talking about a sub-2 hour marathon at the Paris Olympics. He tells you why it won't be won in unde 2:04:00 but then gets super excited about what the individual mile splits will be - some over 5:20 - some near 4:00 - as John Kellogg helps him break down the elevation profile.

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