Jakob and Josh, 6 Athletes of Year?, Niels Laros Upset + Best Thing in Running

6 months ago

World Athletics named 6 athletes of the year, Kelvin Kiptum, Noah Lyles, Mondo Duplantis, Tigist Assefa, Faith Kipyegon and Yulimar Rojas. Yet they left off Ryan Crouser?!

The Josh Kerr truth/trash talk with Jakob Ingebrigtsen gets another look as does Jakob Ingebrigtsen and Karsten Warholm's 2022 incomes. Plus, how much do we think Katelyn Tuohy makes?

Niels Laros is no longer the only 19-year-old European sensation, CJ Albertson is still running a lot of marathons, and what about that road mile in Hawaii?

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  • Show notes:
  • 0:00 Jakob and Josh, Niels Laros Upset, 6 Athletes of Year? + Best Thing in Running
  • 03:16 Superbowl talk
  • 06:55 6 World Athletics Athletes of Year?
  • 25:24 Josh Kerr trash / truth talk with Jakob *Video/thread here
  • 32:25 Who has bigger ego Jakob or Josh?
  • 36:21 Jakob Ingebrigtsen/ Karsten Warholm's 2022 income revealed *Article
  • 45:25 Euro XC: 19-yearold Axel Vang Christensen takes down Niels Laros *video
  • 50:28 World XC in US will be in January 2026
  • 54:34 Rojo's 21 year old British phenom: Megan Keith
  • 56:04 Club nats
  • 59:14 CJ Albertson runs 2nd 2:11 in a week
  • 01:02:09 Olympic Trials are February 3rd
  • 01:05:12 Amanda Vestri of ZAP
  • 01:13:24 Yared Nuguse wins road mile in Hawaii
  • 01:14:55 Centro
  • 01:17:23 3 Men break Japanese 10,000m record
  • 01:22:44 The best thing in running this week..... Katelyn Tuohy *Thread
  • 01:24:55 Ruth Jebet is back now running marathons
  • Links: *Video: Jakob and Josh
  • Tuohy Pro
  • Axel Vang Christensen over Laros
  • Warholm and Ingebrigtsen income

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