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Bonus: Ben Rosario: HOKA NAZ Elite Coach of Olympic Marathon Trials Champ Aliphine Tuliamuk

3 months ago

Here from Ben post Olympic Trials

HOKA NAZ Elite coach Ben Rosario joins LRC's Jonathan Gault for a bonus podcast this week. Rosario was the coach of 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials champ Aliphine Tuliamuk (bonus podcast with her here), 6th place finisher Stephanie Bruce, and 8th place finisher Kellyn Taylor on the women's side and 12th placer Scott Fauble and 19th placer Scott Smith on the men's side.

Rosario talks about the great day at the Trials, how he built his team, and the goals for Sapporo.

Show notes:
7:18 Men's race Olympic Marathon Trials
19:37 Women's race
23:49 The big workouts
35:51 Going for the win
42:37 How he built the team
51:39 Sapporo

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