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Erriyon Knighton 19.49!, Penn, Drake, Farah & Hasay Struggle, Guest Ben Flanagan

1 month ago

Erriyon Knighton ran 19.49 at age 18, Trayvon Bromell blasted Andre De Grasse at 100m, and Athing Mu crushed Ajee' Wilson at 600, as it was Penn and Drake Relays week with the 4 x 1 mile record at Penn fizzling out on leg #1.

Ben Flanagan is our guest at 80:30 to talk about what happened on the lead-off leg at Penn, running for 79-year-old Ronnie Warhurst, and his future in the marathon.

Erik Sowinski got sub 1:50 #200, and we ponder what's next for Jordan Hasay and Mo Farah who both struggled as Aliphine Tuliamuk and Wesley Kiptoo did not.

This weekend's Sound Running meet is loaded with Jakob Intebrigtsen taking on many of the best US-based athletes at 5000m.

Show notes below:

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  • Show notes: 0:00 Summer Training Program is here
  • 2:29 Erriyon Knighton runs 19.49
  • 10:39 Sub 19 for 200?
  • 14:48 Trayvon Bromell 9.75 100m to crush Andre De Grasse
  • 20:46 On 4 x Mile record attempt fizzles
  • 22:33 NordVPN the best VPN for sports fans. Letsrun.com/VPN for a money-back trial. (Ad)
  • 27:40 Athing Mu crushes Ajee' Wilson in Penn 600
  • 36:12 Drake pro meet was better than Penn's
  • 39:06 Erik Sowinski has run 200 sub 1:50 800s
  • 44:16 Jenny Simpson's announcing debut at Drake
  • 48:44 Pittsburgh Half- Jordan Hasay bombs, Aliphine Tuliamuk 1st race since Olympics, Weslee Kiptoo wins $10,000 in half
  • 57:23 Sports Examiner examines paying college athletes and how that would affect non-revenue sports. Newsletter here
  • 59:49 Mo Farah gets beat by club runner and British press enjoys it. How much should London Marathon pay him?
  • 69:37 Thread: Why do races pay prize money?
  • 70:51 Sound Running Meet this weekend is Loaded with Jakob Ingebrigtsen, Intern Karl, and Colin Sahlman
  • 80:30 Guest Ben Flanagan of On and the Very Nice Track Club joins us to talk what happened Penn Relays 4 x Mile and a lot more

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