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Hillary Bor (Guest) AR in Steeple and Half Marathon? Chelimo's Half, Korir's Full, Aussie Champs, Texas Relays (Will Sumner and Hoppel)

10 months ago

Hillary Bor broke Greg Meyer's 40-year-old American 10-mile record at the Credit Union Cherry Blossom and picked up $59,000 for his efforts. He joins us at 68:54 to discuss the record, going sub 8 in the steeple, the American record in the half marathon and his pole vaulting career in Kenya.

Prior to that we break down Paul Chelimo's 62:22 half marathon, Leonard Korir's 2:09:31 marathon, Eilish McColgan's 65:43 half and compare her chances in London to those of Sifan Hassan. Plus the Aussie Champs with Cameron Myers and Jess Hull and the next Katelyn Tuohy? And Texas Relays with Will Sumner, Bryce Hoppel and Sha'Carri Richardson.

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  • Show notes:
  • 05:22 Good or bad? Paul Chelimo 62:22, Leonard Korir 2:09:31
  • 14:35 Eilish McColgan 65:43
  • 17:15 Sifan Hassan vs Eilish McColgan in London - who you got?
  • 30:07 Hillary Bor $59,000 American record at Credit Union Cherry Blossom Run
  • 36:29 Should Bor run the Olympic Marathon Trials?
  • 38:41 Aussie Champs
  • 40:00 Cameron Myers 2nd place at age 16
  • 44:26 Jess Hull double
  • 46:31 Amy Bunnage - Australia's and Stanford's Katelyn Tuohy?
  • 50:07 Jenna Hutchins and Colin Sahlman 5000s - who is more likely to win an NCAAs?
  • 56:18 Texas Relays Will Sumner 44. Split, Bryce Hoppel Gets Beat
  • 01:02:00 Sha'Carri vs Hobbs on 4x100
  • 01:08:54 Hillary Bor (guest) on setting US 10 mile record, the steeplechase, pole vaulting in Kenya and a lot more.

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