Narve Nordås (Guest), Athing Mu is BACK, Who Goes Home Devastated in 1500/800?, Hot 800 and 5000 in Lausanne

10 months ago

Narve Nordås, the newest Norwegian 1500m sensation coached by Gjert Ingebrigtsen who went from 3:36 to 3:29 this year, is our guest @ 82:15 to talk about his Dreams Become Reality year.

Prior to that, we break down the NYC Grand Prix. Athing Mu is back, what should Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone do at Worlds? Will Will Sumner make Worlds?

Who gets left out of Worlds? Cooper Teare, Yared Nuguse, Cole Hocker or Hobbs Kessler?

A mini preview of the Lausanne with a hot men's 5000 and Mary Moraa vs Keely Hodgkinson at 800 before Narve Nordås @ 82:15.

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  • Show notes:
  • 01:04 Start
  • 06:13 NYC Grand Prix
  • 07:05 Athing Mu is back
  • 19:55 Why no double?
  • 24:51 Sydney 49.51 and Rojo doesn't like the competitiveness of event
  • 31:52 Men's 800: Bryce Hoppel cruises, Will Sumner comes back to earth
  • 36:54 Who makes Worlds team in men's 800?
  • 42:45 Who gets left out of men's 1500m team? Kessler, Teare, Nuguse or Hocker?
  • 56:31 Women's 800 picks
  • 01:00:32 Women's 1500m picks
  • 01:08:47 Zharnell Hughes 9.83 British record
  • 01:11:53 Kejelcha skips Ethiopian 10k trials for fashion show
  • 01:16:22 Hot 5k in Lausanne with Kiplimo, Cheptegei, Ky Robinson
  • 01:19:33 Ingebrigtsen and Girma in 1500
  • 01:21:10 Keely vs Moraa in 800
  • 01:22:15 Narve Nordås Interview
  • 01:24:17 Running 3:29 in Oslo
  • 01:28:46 How has he improved so much?
  • 01:32:17 How did he start focusing on 1500?
  • 01:35:31 Sponsorship situation
  • 01:38:07 Going to university
  • 01:42:09 How did he start working with Gjert Ingebrigtsen?
  • 01:45:14 Why did Gjert split with Jakob? what's Narve's relationship with Jakob?
  • 01:48:04 His Training
  • 01:58:04 Doping accusations and LetsRun forums
  • 02:02:03 Altitude training, treadmills,a nd not long long runs
  • 02:10:38 Racing schedule for 2023

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