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Warholm & London Marathon Reign Supreme, Guest Chris Lear and NCAA XC in the Spring?

5 months ago

Weekly run-down of the Olympic running and track and field world.

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Running with the Buffaloes author Chris Lear was our surprise guest @ 66:32 to talk cheater spikes, gambling, whether Alan Webb & Adam Goucher are clean and stock picks.

Before that -Karsten Warholm threatened the World Record in Stockholm, Donavan Brazier and Timothy Cheruiyot kept winning, Laura Muir kept impressing, London showed why it's the top marathon in the world, Galen Rupp & Mo Farah updates, and NCAA XC in the spring?

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(Rojo's deep voice disappears 5 minutes in)

Show notes:
Start: Warholm in Stockholm, Warholm v Benjamin and Samba
9:37 Donavan Brazier, Laura Muir
20:11 Japanese 1500m record at Tokyo Olympic Stadium
25:41 London THE Marathon of 2020
34:55 Galen Rupp update
36:01 Forgotten Runner of the Week: Mo Farah
39:54 Virtual NYC Marathon, what marathons if any will take place in US this fall?
42:03 Will return of fans at NFL lead to return of racing?
48:54 Sunset Tour & King Cheserek, Final Big Friendly meet
56:35 NCAA XC in the Spring?
64:42 Message Board Thread of Week: The Obesification of the U.S.
66:32 Running with Buffaloes Author Chris Lear End- Bonus content: Rojo Rant

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