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Boston Marathon Preview Show - Kipchoge Speaks, Bates Says She's in AR Shape, Much More - SC Preview

10 months ago

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  • Show notes:
  • 00:00 Boston Marathon Preview Show
  • 01:15 Start
  • 02:38 Kipchoge speaks - no special prep for hills
  • 08:56 Headwind and betting lines
  • 18:16 Evans Chebet and Benson Kipruto
  • 19:15 Conner Mantz, Ben True, CJ Albertson
  • 23:39 Other contenders?
  • 27:52 First American male picks
  • 31:44 Loaded women's race
  • 32:07 Men's Predictions
  • 37:18 Top American women predictions
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