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Lievin Madness, Guest Hobbs Kessler on His Cool Path to Breaking High School Indoor Record in Mile

3 months ago

Hobbs Kessler the new high school record holder in the indoor mile joins us @ 86:30 to talk about his amazing record breaking run, his quick rise to the top, and one of the coolest training situations in America under coach Ron Warhurst and sometime training partner Nick Willis.

Jon Gault has an excellent profile on Kessler's rise to the top available for Supporters Club members here.

Prior to Kessler joining us, we talk about the amazing action in Lievin, France where Gudaf Tsegay smashed the women's 1500m indoor world record, Jakob Ingebrigtsen ran a European record 3:31, and Getnet Wale and Grant Holloway nearly got world records. We praise Virginia Tech, look at the Bowerman Track Clubs Prickly Pear Invite, discuss Athing Mu's Olympic chances, and whether Bryce Hoppel and Donavan Brazier are ducking each other.

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  • Show notes:
  • 5:55 Lievin Women
  • 19:08 Lievin Men
  • 31:38 Hobbs Kessler 3:57 / Nick Willis / Ron Warhurst Discussion
  • 47:32 Prickly Pear Invite
  • 55:10 Super Bowl
  • 58:29 Rojo's hot take on Sinclaire Johnson / slander of Jenny Simpson
  • 62:33 Virginia Tech 5 sub 4s in one race
  • 66:50 Athing Mu - Olympic double?
  • 75:32 Duke/ UNC Partying / Covid
  • 78:10 NBIGP Talk: Donavan Brazier and Bryce Hoppel ducking each other?
  • 86:30 Hobbs Kessler Interview

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