Chicago - Chengetich OMG, Sisson AR, Mantz Debut + Galen Rupp audio, dope bust in Kipchoge's camp

1 year ago

Ruth Chepngetich ran 2:14:18 and Emily Sisson 2:18:28 for the American Record

Ruth Chepngetich rewrote the playbook for the marathon in Chicago as Emily Sisson took down Keira D'Amato's American record with Joan Benoit Samuelson and Deena Kastor Watching. Conner Mantz debut in 2:08 with Galen Rupp in the crowd and getting props for his TV appearance. A guy in Kipchoge's camp got popped for testosterone and we praise a guy who ran slower than Ruch Chepngetich in Chicago.

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  • 0:00 ElliptiGO and ROLL Recovery Train Like the Pros Giveaway
  • 03:40 Ruth Chepngetich rewrites the marathon going out in 65:44 and runs 2:14:18
  • 14:10 Kevin Hanson's tweet / Can Gidey break the WR and run 2:12?
  • 23:52 Emily Sisson 2:18:29 American Record
  • 31:25 Emily Sisson Comments *Video here
  • 33:19 Galen Rupp audio, Tom Brady *video here
  • 37:33 What is missing in Galen's career +audio #2
  • 42:00 Men's race in Chicago
  • 43:47 Grading Conner Mantz's 2:08 debut
  • 52:28 Shout out to the other sub 2:10s
  • 55:26 Doping bust in Kipchoge's camp
  • 61:29 The wheelchair races getting too much coverage in Chicago
  • 75:35 Wejo gets a pedicure?!
  • 81:55 CJ Albertson 50km World Record
  • 83:36 1 Up, 1 Down and Praise for Frank Lara

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