Frank Shorter 1972 Olympic Marathon Gold 50th Anniversary Podcast

1 year ago

Frank Shorter joined us on Tuesday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his 1972 Olympic Marathon gold medal in Munich that helped jump-start the running boom in America. We're re-releasing this today with show notes, on the 50th anniversary, so you can have it as a stand-alone podcast.

Frank talks about his Olympic gold, and a lot more, what he most remembers from the 1972 Olympics, training with Pre, anti-doping, his training, and how much he's running these days.

Video here:

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  • Show notes: 11:25 Training with Prefontaine, focusing on strengths 16:32 Rooming with Dave Wottle 1972 800m gold medallist
  • 22:20 1972 Massacre
  • 28:17 The running boom with Bill Rodgers and the crazy 1966 dual meet with Wesleyan
  • 34:49 The running camaraderie in the 1970s and how professionalization changed it
  • 41:35 Anti-doping now vs 20 years ago vs 50 years ago
  • 50:51 1976 silver, Frank thinking Waldemar Cierpinski was Carlos Lopes
  • 57:56 How fast could he run with a pacer and supershoes
  • 64:48 Telling Steve Prefontaine he was "stupid" at 1972 Olympics
  • 69:41 Altitude training with Pre, Pre's ski accident
  • 74:40 Yale cross country and Frank dropping out of Yale-Harvard meet
  • 81:44 His running now. How fast could he run a mile now?
  • 83:26 The toughest runner he ever competed against
  • 86:14 A sample week of training
  • 93:05 What he remembers most about 1972 Olympics 01:33:59 Frank's #1 piece of running advice

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