Biggest Winners and Losers from Worlds + More Jakob and Athing Mu Talk + NYC Marathon loaded

10 months ago

Thanks to everyone who joined the Supporters Club during Worlds!

We say goodbye to the 2023 World Track and Field Championships. What are our final thoughts on Worlds? Who were the biggest winners and losers from Worlds? We can never get enough of Jakob Ingebrigtsen, Athing Mu, and of course even Grant Fisher, who wasn't even at Worlds.

And we even have a little NYC Marathon talk.

Zurich Weltklasse is Thursday.

  • 0:00 Banter
  • 03:59 Prediction Contest is scored
  • 05:19 Jon and Noah Lyles in the airport
  • 10:01 Noah Lyles for the win in Budapest
  • 11:50 Sha'Carri, Noah, Sydney and Usain Bolt
  • 16:22 Athing Mu
  • 19:49 Mary Moraa
  • 22:44 Femke Bol bookends meet
  • 24:42 Reassessing Sydney and Athing
  • 28:00 Jakob Ingebrigtsen
  • 30:30 Disrespect for Josh Kerr?
  • 41:14 Should Jakob and Kipyegon actually be able to do 1500, 5000, 10000 triple?
  • 48:15 Biggest losers
  • 54:42 Fisher, Kincaid, Grijalva
  • 59:10 Yared Nuguse
  • 01:00:13 Fred Kerley, Van Niekerk
  • 01:06:25 Most Impressive non medallist
  • 01:10:11 Men's steeple
  • 01:12:42 Lessons from Worlds
  • 01:20:05 NYC Marathon looking great

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