British Champ Neil Gourley (Guest) and Josh Kerr's Coach Danny Mackey (Guest)

16 days ago

Neil Gourley, the British 1500 meters champion from Under Armor Dark Sky, joins the show to discuss his recent performances and strategies for the British Trials (this was recorded after Europeans and before the British champs). Then at 46:45 Danny Mackey, coach of the Brooks Beasts and Josh Kerr, shares insights on training, competition psychology, and recruitment strategies.

Join us for an in-depth look into the world of elite racing and coaching.

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  • 00:00 Intro
  • 01:19 Music
  • 01:42 Neirl Gourley start
  • 02:48 Why do Europeans?
  • 13:03 The British Champs
  • 20:36 Michael Johnson Grand Slam Track League Thoughts
  • 26:18 Ben Thomas training
  • 35:42 Flagstaff Under Amour Dark Sky Training
  • 38:26 Relationship with other 1500m runners
  • 42:08 Cross training 45:41 Favorite drink
  • 46:45 Danny Mackey
  • 01:36:43 Is Josh Kerr # in the world?
  • 01:36:43 Book recommendations
  • 01:36:43 Brandon Miller/ Isaiah Harris
  • 01:36:43 Bobby Kersee's 800m training/ Athing Mu
  • 01:36:43 Will the Beasts expand?
  • 01:36:43 What attracted Danny to Josh?
  • 01:36:43 Peaking
  • 01:36:43 The US Olympic Trials
  • 01:36:43 DMR World Record
  • 01:36:43 Have things changed as a coach now he has a world champion?
  • 01:36:43 Could the world record go down in Paris?
  • 01:36:43 The banter
  • 01:36:43 Has anything gone wrong with Josh's season?

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