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London = Y-squared + Kipruto & Bekele; Mantz Mania & Sisson in Chicago + Tuohy NCAA Favorite

1 year ago

Yalemzerf Yehualaw crushed the 24th and 25th miles to get the win and London and show she is a natural-born marathoner while Amos Kipruto blasted a 4:21 25th mile to get the win, as Kenenisa Bekele showed his career is not over as he ran with the leaders until 5 miles to go and broke the masters world record.

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is this week and Conner Mantz and Emily Sisson are getting a lot of the attention. More reaction to the World Marathon Majors slashing their prize pool. Plus Fiona O'Keefe and Hillary Bor got their first US road titles, Katelyn Tuohy solidified her status as the NCAA favorite, and some very disturbing allegations versus Nick Johnson and Huntington University.

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  • Order of show (join Supporters Club to get full time stamps): Start banter, reaction to London, should Jon to go Valencia?
  • Women's race: Y Squared runs 4:59 and 5:01 24th and 25th miles, where does she rank?
  • 2Men's Race: Bekele was with leaders until final 5 miles, Amos Kipruto FTW
  • Times slower than expected
  • What's next for Bekele?
  • Word Marathon Majors reduce prize bonus by 69%, agents say they weren't told about it. What's next for WMM?
  • 65:08 Conner Mantz Marathon debut in Chicago and he says he's going out in 63
  • Thread of Week: Conner Mantz says 4:46 pace at altitude feels "comfortable" - Indicates he will go out in 1:03 at Chicago Marathon
  • Message Board Post of Week- If the NFL was run like track and field
  • How fast can Emily Sisson go?
  • Fiona O'Keefe and Hillary Bor course records at US 10 Mile Champs
  • Non-binary runners starting to get equal prize money
  • 91:48 Kaitlyn Tuohy dominates her season opener over Mercy Chelangat
  • 95:36 Disturbing news: Allegations of sexual abuse, possible doping by Nick Johnson at Huntington University *David Woods article

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