NCAAs with Olympic gold medallist Dan O'Brien, Seville over Lyles, Ultimate Championships Announced

1 month ago

Olympic gold medallist and NCAA broadcaster Dan O'Brien joins us at 71:08 to talk all things NCAA track and field, plus a little Olympic track and field talk.

Prior to that the fake Josh Kerr calls in to give us insight on Jakob, Centro and Hobbs Kessler. We breakdown the Stockholm Diamond League, talk a little about Jakob's narrow win over Cheruiyot in Oslo, Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone's and Femke Bol's season openers at 400m hurdles, and turn our attention to Jamaica's Oblique Seville beating Noah Lyles at 100m in Jamaica.

We end with an NCAA draft.

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  • Show notes:
  • 00:00 Music
  • 00:22 Start
  • 6:35 Fake Josh Kerr on Jakob, Centro, and Hobbs
  • 8:57 Jakob edges Cheruiyot - Josh Kerr is #1 in world?
  • 13:46 Jakob, Mo Farah and the 5k world record
  • 19:57 New year end event World Athletics ultimate Championships announced
  • 31:12 Oblique Seville takes down Noah Lyles *Video
  • 39:37 Sydney and Femke Bol 400m hurdle openers
  • 43:18 Is there now a big 3 in the men's 800?
  • 47:05 Nordas wins 3000 over Grijalva
  • 52:38 NCAA Distance Preview
  • 1:11:08 Guest - Olympic gold medallist and NCAA announcer Dan O'Brien
  • 1:14:40 Big storylines at NCAAs
  • 1:25:26 Men's 100
  • 1:36:30 Dan's distanced hot takes
  • 1:41:25 Men's team race
  • 1:45:46 Decathlon and Heath Baldwin
  • 1:46:53 The NCAA broadcast
  • 1:55:38 Ato Boldon announcing rumor
  • 1:59:44 Dan talks pros and Sha'Carri and Grant Holloway
  • 2:02:00 Dan on winning an Olympic gold and overcoming the pressure
  • 2:05:31 Dan wants a LetsRun shirt *Get yours here
  • 2:06:10 LetsRun NCAA draft
  • Links: NCAA prediction contest
  • Letsrun shirts
  • Seville over Lyles video
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