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Aussie Mile Sensation Jye Edwards (Guest), Tinman Blows Up, Oregon Relays

1 year ago

The USATF Grand Prix, the first pro meet at Hayward Field is in the books. We break down all the great action (Cole Hocker, Trayvon Bromwell, Olli Hoare), not so great (Jenny Simpson, Raevyn Rogers), talk about Drake (Nico Young and Clayton Murphy), and for the 2nd time in 4 days talk about Tinman Elite firing Tinman Tom Schwartz before our extensive interview with 23-year-old Aussie mile star Jye Edards @ 81:56 who has gone from being a 4:00 miler to a 3:50 miler in one year and just won the Aussie Olympic Trials (video of his win here). He talks about his Dreams Become Reality rise to the top of the sport, not having a sponsor, where he would have gone to college in the US and much more.

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