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BONUS: FAITH KIPYEGON 3:49.11 WORLD RECORD, Grijalva 12:52, Florence Diamond League Recap

3 months ago

Faith Kipyegon became the first woman to go sub 3:50 for 1500m and we break it down live! This is supposed to be a Supporters Club only podcast but we're releasing the Faith Kipyeon portion to everyone.

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Plus Luis Grijalva impressed, Emma Coburn was subpar again, and what about Grant Fisher and Woody Kincaid? Fast high school mile and possibly a fast one in Portland.

Video here if you want it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bToY6i2RTLw

Show notes:

  • 00:00 Banter
  • 02:13 Faith Kipyegon 3:49.11 World Record
  • Supporters Club only (Join today and save 50% with code GOAT50)
  • 20:04 Men's 5000: Katir over Kajelcha, Grijalva 12:52!
  • 28:33 Panic time for Grant Fisher?
  • 36:25 Luis Grijalva audio
  • 41:24 Women's steeple - The future and is Emma Coburn the past?
  • 51:20 Men's 100
  • 57:23 4 high school sub 4s at HOKA Festival of Miles
  • 01:00:25 Mike Smith vs Jerry, Men's 5k also has Chelimo and Nur
  • 01:07:22 Great 1500 at Portland Track Festival

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Contact us: Email podcast@letsrun.com or call/text 1-844-LETSRUN podcast voicemail/text line.

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