Alberto Ban Upheld, Cole Hocker Goes Pro, "B" Teamer? King Ches Over Rupp, Jenny Simpson 10 Mile, Niyonsaba WR

2 years ago

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Alberto Salazar's ban was upheld just after taping so we start with an Emergency Pod on that, then @ 13:53 run our normal pod where we break down Cole Hocker going pro, DSD athlete Francine Niyonsaba getting a world record, King Ches beating Galen Rupp, but possibly being a "B" teamer, talk about the lack of diversity at the 5th Avenue Mile, Centro getting a half-mile prime, Jenny Simpson moving up to 10 miles, track stars at the Met Gala, world xc being postponed again and a possibly big doping bust, before ending with a Supporters Club only Rojo's rant.

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  • Show notes: (SC members get full time stamps) Emergency Intro: Alberto ban upheld
  • 13:53 Start of weekly pod
  • Rojo $5,000 to Molly Seidel's seat mate
  • On Running worth $7.7 billion
  • Cheruiyot over Ingebrigtsen in DL final
  • Asbel Kiprop to return
  • Francine Niyonsaba 2,000m world record
  • 29:01 Cole Hocker goes pro, Yared Nuguse does not
  • Great North Run: Marc Scott over King Chese and Galen Rupp, Is King Ches an "A" teamer? Molly Seidel 7th
  • Why hasn't Rupp run NY?
  • 5th Avenue Mile: Why no Kenyans?
  • Post of the Week on Centro winning half mile prime
  • Jenny Simpson 10 mile debut
  • 67:48 Vienna Marathon champ DQd for illegal shoes
  • Sha'carri Richardson, Noah Lyles, Allyson Felix at Met Gala
  • adidas adizero Road to Records event
  • World XC 2022 postponed, could American bid?
  • 89:53 Jakob Ingebrigtsen ran world XC, why don't the Americans
  • Alan Abrahamson's column on Shelby Houlihan
  • RaesTV: Big doping bust coming

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