DOHA: Sha'Carri!, Girma Cruises, Coburn Falls, Norma Bombs, What About Katelyn Tuohy and Lyles v Knighton v Omanyala?

1 year ago

DOHA and opening day were so great we're giving everyone the Doha portion of our Supporters Club podcast. If you want a 2nd podcast every week, join the Supporters Club today: use code CLUB25 to save 25% on your first year.

The Diamond League opened with a bang in DOHA as Sha'Carri Richardson got the huge win, Fred Kerley got a nice won as well, and Michael Norman bombed.

In the distances, Lamecha Girma showed 3k greatness, Emma Coburn fell in the steeple, but is she in trouble, Faith Kipyegon impressed, and what about the men's 800?

And then at 67:29 we talk about the Sound Running Meet and what Katelyn Tuohy might do in the 5000 and at 78:47 talk adidas Atlanta City Games.

  • Show notes:
  • 00:00 Join Supporters Club use code CLUB25 to save 25%
  • 01:37 Start
  • 07:16 Sha'Carri with the big win
  • 15:14 Girma wins BIG matchup in men's 3000
  • 17:54 What about the steeple world record?
  • 26:03 Double possible at Worlds
  • 28:58 Kelvin Kiptum marathon interruption
  • 30:11 Tactical or boring men's 800?
  • 34:51 Clayton Murphy
  • 39:30 New Union Athletics Club jerseys
  • 40:27 Women's steeple- changing of the guard? Coburn falls and bombs, Val Constein gets injured
  • 50:21 Faith Kipyegon takes care of business, Cory McGee jinxed by LetsRun
  • 57:21 Beatrice Chepkoech looked better
  • 01:00:29 Fred Kerley takes 200, Michael Norman bombs
  • 01:07:15 JuVaughn Harrison wins high jump, should he give up long jump?
  • 01:08:43 Sound Running Meet - How fast will Yared Nuguse need to run to be the Worlds favorite?
  • Supporters Club members only: 01:10:35 How fast will Kately Tuohy go in the 5000?
  • 01:18:48 adidas Atlanta City Games - the great (Lyles v Knighton vs Omanyala), the bad (same weekend as DL, mostly just adidas athletes)

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