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Sha'Carri Returns, Gary Martin (Guest), Keely Impresses, False Start, and High School 800 Record Books Nearly Rewritten

6 months ago

Gary Martin, the only high schooler besides Jim Ryun to go sub 4 in a high school mile race without a rabbit, joins us at 71:29 to talk about his amazing run, his love of the sport, and a lot more. (We have 31 minutes of highlights of our talk with Gary included today. To get the full 44-minute podcast with Gary which dropped last week, join our Supporters Club today. )

Sha'Carri Richardson is back racing and just in time as the Pre Classic is Saturday.

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The Birmingham Diamond League is in the books, Abel Kipsang keeps winning, Trayvon Bromell got DQd, and how should the false start rule be changed? Keely Hodgkinson looks like a superstar, but can she have a rivalry with Athing Mu if she never beats her?

High Schoolers Juliette Whittaker and Cade Flatt ran the #2 times ever in NYC, did the pre-race showers have something to do with it?

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  • Show notes:
  • 0:00 Breaking news right after we record: Athing Mu, Matthew Centrowitz OUT of Pre, Trayvon Bromell in, Shelby Houlihan issues statement
  • 1:00 Airwaav Endurance Mouthpiece is here - Save 10% with code LR10 here: https://www.airwave.com/LR10
  • 2:51 Start regular pod - Intro, Rojo pumped to be going to Pre, Jon soccer gloating
  • 9:44 Juliette Whittaker and Cade Flatt 2nd fastest high school 800s ever
  • 21:53 The Thunderstorm effect the key to running fast?
  • 25:41 Sha'Carri Richardson returns to racing. What to make of it?
  • 34:34 Aaron Brown gets beat in "B" Diamond League 100, but win "A" 100
  • 35:33 Should the false start rule be changed?
  • 47:08 Keely Hodgkinson impresses, Can she have a rivalry with Athin Mu if she never wins?
  • 55:35 100 ends the Pre meet, not the Bowerman mile - Marcell Jacobs out, but it is great (and even greater with addition of Trayvon Bromell after podcast recording)
  • 63:38 Duane Ross the new coach at Tennessee
  • 66:59 Thread of Week: Cooper Teare and Jakob Ingebrigtsen rivals
  • 71:29 Gary Martin (guest) on being the 2nd high schooler ever (and the fastest and first since Jim Ryun) to go sub 4 in a high school only mile without a rabbit

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