Wow: 3 WRs in Paris, What an NCAAs (Will Sumner, Katelyn Tuohy) and LOADED Oslo 1500

1 year ago

What an amazing week of track and field.

We had three world records in Paris with Jakob Ingebrigtsen getting the 2-mile world record, Faith Kipyegon the 5000, and Lamecha Girma the steeplechase, plus Sydney McLaughlin got beat, and Keely Hodkginson ran 1:55.

Then we had a crazy NCAA championships with stars Britton Wilson and Katelyn Tuohy leaving empty handed but Will Sumner arriving as Donavan Brazier's heir apparent or are we getting ahead of ourselves? Plus the Andy Powell 1500m magic continued with Nathan Green emerging as his newest star.

And on Thursday we have the Oslo Diamond League with an amazing men's 1500m with Jakob Ingebrigtsen taking on Mohamed Katir, Yared Nuguse, Timothy Cheruiyot, Josh Kerr, Ollie Hoare and many more.

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  • Show notes:
  • 00:00 Start
  • 00:55 Banter: 3 WRs in Paris, Crazy NCAAs, Oslo on top
  • 07:40 Rojo on Kipyegon in Paris
  • 14:06 Are they peaking too soon? What about the shoes?
  • 21:54 Should Athing Mu be a bit worried about Keely?
  • 30:53 Sydney gets beat
  • 36:19 NCAAs:
  • 36:19 Tuohy gets beat in 1500 doesn't run 5000
  • 46:10 Should Tuohy shut season down?
  • 50:01 Britton Wilson comes up short too
  • 52:09 Michaela Rose and women's 800
  • 01:00:44 Will Sumner superstar
  • 01:09:27 Who is more likley to win Olympic gold Will Sumner or Donavan Brazier? Should Sumner go pro?
  • 01:17:11 Men's 1500, Nathan Green, Joe Waskom and Andy Powell
  • 01:31:26 Ky Robinson and Stanford
  • 01:35:53 Oslo 1500 Preview - Jakob takes on everyone but Wightman and R Cheruiyot
  • 01:43:21 Mental health
  • 01:45:51 Tori Bowie RIP
  • 01:46:57 Double threshold training explained

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