Centro's Back!?, LA Grand Prix, Decade of Jon Gault & Prefontaine Classic Week

28 days ago

Welcome to the Lets Run.com Track Talk Podcast! We celebrate Jonathan Gault's 10th anniversary, delve into the LA Grand Prix where Sydney McLaughlin Levrone, Matthew Centrowitz, Bryce Hoppel, Jake Wightman and others impressed.

Noah Lyles 100m gold medal hopes increased, a male dominated the Oregon girls state meet, we welcomed our new summer intern, and fake Josh Kerr is back.

Plus we get pumped about an amazing Prefontaine Classic. Want our Pre Classic Preview podcast? And a bonus podcast every week, savings on running shoes and a super soft running shirt? Join the Supporters Club today. 100% of the proceeds going to Jonathan Gault this week.https://www.letsrun.com/subscribe

  • Show notes:
  • 00:00 Intro Music
  • 00:22 Start
  • 01:17 Jon's 10th year anniversary at LetsRun.com
  • 08:49 LA Grand Prix
  • 08:57 Sydney McLaughlin Levrone 22.07 200m
  • 19:04 Noah Lyles improves in 150 at adidas Atlanta City Games
  • 24:29 5000: Selemon Barega Wins, Grant Fisher 5th
  • 36:59 All-time US adjusted 5k list
  • 41:03 Men's 1500: Centro Improves, Kessler Impresses in 800
  • 48:05 Wightman better than ever?
  • 51:01 Bryce Hoppel, Brandon Miller impress
  • 56:13 RIP Evan Jager Olympic hopes?
  • 01:00:48 Trouble in women's 800 as Ajee' Wilson and Raevyn Rogers bomb
  • 01:07:54 LA meet success or failure?
  • 01:17:12 Bekele back at Olympics
  • 01:21:14 Male dominates girls competition in Oregon
  • 01:32:27 Fake Josh Kerr
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