Valencia: 2:01 Club Grows, Bekele is Back, Cheptegei? + Valby Sub 15:00 & Blanks 13:03

6 months ago

Parker Valby became the first colleigan to go sub 15:00 and Graham Blanks ran 13:03 to break the NCAA record. At the Valencia Marathon, Sisay Lemma joined the 2:01 club as Kenenisa Bekele is back and Joshua Cheptegei has work to do in the m arahton.

Addy Ritzenhein got a national title just like her dad, Dathan, and what is up with the men's Olympic Marathon qualifying?

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  • Show notes: 0:00 Join the Supporters Club
  • 0:31 Start
  • 03:23 Parker Valby sub 15:00 NCAA record
  • 12:25 Graham Blanks 13:03 NCAA indoor record
  • 22:02 Jon's nuclear take on Steve Prefontaine
  • 26:06 Nico Young big win in 3k
  • 37:10 Valencia Marathon
  • 39:27 Men's race: Sisay Lemma¬†4th man under 2:02, Cheptegei bombs, Bekele 2:04
  • 41:07 Kiptum in Chicago was nuts
  • 47:01 What about Lemma's win?
  • 54:52 Bekele 2:04 at 41
  • 57:16 Joshua Cheptegei bombs in debut
  • 01:05:39 US not guaranteed 3 Olympic marathoners and will they not honor top 3 at Trials?
  • 01:16:26 NXN: Addy Ritzenhein wins NXN
  • 01:21:39 Boys race: Jojo Jordan with upset and Doug Soles wins 2nd national title at a different school
  • 01:26:55 CIM & Rojo trying to qualify for Olympic Marathon Trials
  • 01:33:28 Intern Karl, Jon and Taylor Swift

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