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Tokyo Olympics Track and Field Preview Podcast

2 months ago

The Olympics are here and we preview the action. Show notes below.

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  • Show notes:
  • 1:29 Boots on the ground
  • 7:07 Centro 3:49 Mile Good/bad/necessary?
  • 12:57 Men's 1500 Preview: Josh Kerr gold medal threat?
  • 24:20 Men's 100/200 Preview
  • 27:55 Women's 100/200
  • 32:10 Women's 400: Miller-Uibo double?
  • 37:09 Simone Biles - is running mental or physical?
  • 42:43 Alberto Salazar banned for life by Safe Sport / Private eye tails him and Galen Rupp
  • 49:28 Men's 400 preview
  • 56:23 400 Hurdles
  • 59:24 Women's 800
  • Which Americans are most likely to medal? How many distance medals will America get?
  • 69:36 Sifan Hassan three golds or 0 golds?
  • 74:35 Men's 10,000m Final: Passing the torch
  • 78:17 Dathan Ritzenhein OAC update / private coaches in Tokyo
  • 84:20 Social Media Update from Intern Karl: Josh Kerr audio on Centro mile
  • 88:43 Noah Lyles update
  • 92:01 Michael Johnson on Shaunae Miller-Uibo
  • 94:33 Olympic roomates: Cole Hocker and Mason Ferlic

  • Links :GoForTheRed.org

- Becca Gillespy explains what a lifetime Safe Sport ban means

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