USAs Day 1: Kincaid, Cranny FTW, Fisher, Teare Go Home Devastated, Sha'Carri 10.71 (Preview for non SC members)

11 months ago

What a Day 1 at USAs. We break it all down starting with the men's 10,000m where Woody Kincaid got the dominant win and Grant Fisher didn't make the team.

Then we turn to Elise Cranny smoking Alicia Monson the final 300 of the 10k before turning to the prelims and the big men's 1500 where Cooper Teare did not make the final but Matthew Centrowitz did.

Insights from Jonathan Gault in Eugene, plus 100m talk and Sha'Carri Richardson's 10.71.

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  • Show notes: 00:00 Start
  • 02:13 Men's 10k: Woody Kincaid Wins, Grant Fisher goes home devastated
  • 10:18 Women's 10,000- Elise Cranny smokes Alicia Monson the final 300
  • 14:31 Men's 1500- Nuguse Masterpiece, Cooper Teare goes home devastated
  • 31:09 Is Nuguse vulnerable?
  • 35:24 Men's 800: Brandon Miller struggles
  • 37:13 Women's 800: Nia Akins looked great
  • 39:40 Jonathan Gault joins for his thoughts from Eugene
  • 47:53 Women's 1500 - Athing Mu makes final but will she run?
  • 52:45 Men's 100
  • 54:16 Steeplechase- Frerichs falls but gets in on time
  • 57:37 Sha'Carri 10.71
  • 01:05:57 Attendance

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