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Absolute Madness in Valencia, Shoes, Olympic babies, and The Track Meet

4 months ago

FOUR men, led by Kibiwott Kandie, ran 57 and change for the half marathon in Valencia, 30 went sub 2:10 in the marathon, and the adidas 'Super Shoe' is definitely here. Aliphine Tuliamuk is pregnant but still going to run the Olympics, Weini Kelati is a pro, dreams became reality at The Track Meet in California, Emily Sisson just came up short in Valencia as Jordan Hasay struggled.

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  • 2:18 Dallas Cowboys / TheRunnerbox.com
  • Malcolm Gladwell coming
  • Valencia Half Madness and shoes
  • Peres Jepchirchir AOY? / Genzebe Dibaba half marathoner?
  • Should Kenya select a different Olympic team?
  • Emily Sisson / Jordan Hasay in Valencia
  • Japanese Marathoners crush the US
  • How many Americans go sub 2:10 at Marathon Project ?
  • 48:23 Marathon Project Virtual Challenge
  • Aliphine Tuliamuk expecting a baby and running the Olympics
  • The Track Meet
  • Dreams Become Reality
  • Gwen Jorgensen and Vanessa Fraser struggle
  • Japanese 10,000m madness
  • Weini Kelati a pro
  • Diamond League reinstates 5,000
  • High School: Newbury Park, Sydney Thorvaldson impress
  • Rafer Johnson RIP. Great LA Times obituary here

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