(Bonus) Paris DL World Record Bonanza: Jakob 7:54, Kipyegon 14:05, Girma 7:52

1 year ago

Was that the best track meet in the last 25 years?

We break it down and are giving the 1st 15 minutes to everyone.

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The Paris Diamond League meet more than delivered as Jakob Ingebrigtsen got the 2-mile world record, Faith Kipyegon the 5000m world record, and Lamecha Girma the steeplechase world record. Plus, a personal best for Keely Hodginson, Noah Lyles taking down Marcell Jacobs, and Sydney McLaughlin Levrone getting beat by Paulino.

  • Show notes:
  • 00:00 Joint Supporters Club today https://letsrun.com/subscribe
  • 05:13 Lights, shoes, which record was most impressive?
  • 10:26 Zurich DL had 3 worlds records in 1997
  • 12:40 Jakob audio +World record attempt in Oslo ?
  • 16:22 Where do we rank Jakob's record?
  • (Rest for SC members)
  • 19:14 Faith Kipyegon stuns herself with 5000m world record
  • 26:13 Can she get 3000 record?
  • 35:24 Lamecha Girma gets steeple world record
  • 41:24 Paul Chelimo
  • 44:54 Rest of Meet: Keely Hodgkinson 1:55 PR
  • 51:17 Paulino beats Sydney in 400 after Syndey goes out like a rocket
  • 01:01:52 7 guys 1:43 in 800 at Emmanuel Korir DFL again
  • 01:04:54 Grant Holloway wins hurdles
  • 01:06:04 Noah Lyles takes down 100 with Marcell Jacobs
  • 01:11:07 NCAA talk

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