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Kipchoge Flops in Boston, Obiri Delivers, Emma MF Bates, a 100m Sprint Feud, Cooper Teare WL

10 months ago

Eliud Kipchoge ran the Boston Marathon and got beat while Hellen Obiri took a big chance and got the victory.

What happened to Kipchoge? Will he ever be back in Boston?

We break down Boston including the Americans Emma Bates, Conner Mantz, Scott Fauble and Rojo with praise for Sara Hall?

Plus, there's a sprint beef between Marcell Jacobs and Fred Kerley. Should they have a match race or just an MMA PPV bout?

Cooper Teare, Nikki Hiltz and Michaela Rose impressed on the track.

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  • Show notes:
  • 08:50 Kipchoge gives anexplanation and calls out media. What happened to him?
  • 28:11 Is Evans Chebet #1 marathoner in world?
  • 33:27 Race broadcast/Fake Josh Kerr
  • 38:32 Will Kipchoge actually run Boston in 2024?
  • 42:21 Women's race - Hellen Obiri superstar
  • 46:53 Ritz
  • 56:27 Emma Bates wow
  • 01:05:44 Boston the most famous marathon in the world?
  • 01:08:55 Rojo's big winner - Sara Hall?
  • 01:12:30 Amerian men- who was more impressive Scott Fauble or Conner Mantz?
  • 01:26:47 Emma Bates marriage proposals
  • 01:27:46 Sprint action - Michael Norman gets beat and Fred Kerley and Marcell Jacobs have a beef
  • 01:36:28 Michaela Rose and Nikki Hiltz in great 800
  • 01:43:19 Cooper Teare 3:34 World leader - is he a miler?

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