Wacky World XC, World Records Galore (Girma, Bol, Crouser), Fred Kerley Signs With..., USATF Indoor Controversy

1 year ago

What a week. We had a crazy and marvelous World Cross Country Championships in Australia with a tough course, brutal weather, Letesenbet Gidey collapsing, greatness from Jacob Kiplimo and two USA junior medals.

Then it was world records galore on the track with Ryan Crouser crushing it, Femke Bol taking down the oldest track record on the books, and Lamecha Girma breaking Daniel Komken's world record.

USATF Indoors was a bit of an afterthought but it delivered with some controversy and Sam Prakel leaving as a double champion.

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  • Show notes:
  • 00:00 Bib Boards - Say goodbye to safety pins at road races
  • 01:30 Start
  • 04:35 Breaking news Fred Kerley signs with...
  • 10:51 World XC
  • 12:40 Women's race- Drama with Letesenbet Gidey collapsing
  • 26:33 The amazing Nozomi Tanaka of Japan
  • 29:44 Ednah Kurgat 18th, Weini Kelati 21st
  • 31:15 USA only send 5 women's athletes and deprives Susanna Sullivan of her dream
  • 35:26 Men's senior race - Jacob Kiplimo delivers
  • 45:27 Will Grant Fisher ever win a global meda?- Berihu Aregawi gets silver?
  • 51:24 Sam Chelanga shout out
  • 52:23 US U20 Teams Both Win Bronze
  • 59:54 Lamecha Girma Breaks Daniel Komen's World Record
  • 01:00:15 Femke Bol 49.26, can she challenge Sydney?
  • 01:05:46 Ryan Crouser with his old technique at a high school meet breaks WR
  • 01:12:43 USATF Indoors
  • 01:16:57 Men's 1500m Josh Thompson DQ'd !?!?!? shows what's wrong with sport's presentation
  • 01:27:50 Craig Engels Nike ad (we couldn't find the ad online but the 9 minute youtube video on Craig they were promoting is here)
  • 01:30:20 Michael Norman to 100, Nuguse in 1500 in Madrid on Supporters' Club podcast
  • 01:32:37 Greg Foster RIP
  • 01:33:09 Lynn Jennings and other stars talk about sexual abuse from John Babington

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