Marathon Trials Triumph & Heartbreak, Indoor Track Heats Up, Kessler > Wightman, (Guest) Gary Corbitt on NY Pioneer Club

4 months ago

The Olympic Trials delivered, indoor track is really heating up and it's Millrose Week.

Track and field historian Gary Corbitt joins us at 121:29 to talk about the historical impact of the Pioneer Club, one of the first integrated track and field clubs in America, and an exhibit at the New York Historical Society titled, Running for Civil Rights: The New York Pioneer Club, 1936 – 1976, which is open through February 25th. Details here *More info on Pioneer Club here

Fiona O'Keefe is America's newest marathon star, Clayton Young and Conner Mantz delivered the goods, but with a less than satisfying finish, and what does the future hold for Zach Panning and Galen Rupp amongst others?

Hobbs Kessler took down Jake Wightman and Noah Lyles blasted a 60 at the NBIGP.

  • 00:00 NY Pioneer Club intro
  • 01:25 Prediction Contest sponsored by Relay
  • 02:29 Start - LetsRun Meetup, Orlando vibe
  • 08:42 Olympic Marathon Trials men- Did Clayon let Conner win?
  • 23:11 Amby Burfott says cancel Olympic Marathon Trials? *link
  • 30:09 Zach Panning - brave or foolish?
  • 34:42 Tyler Pennel 2.0?
  • 36:58 CJ Albertson
  • 42:40 Women's Olympic Marathon Trials - Fiona O'Keeffe marathon star
  • 49:17 Dakotah Lindwurm story is nuts
  • 50:24 Emily Sisson's grade
  • 57:21 Marathon Trials Draft results
  • 01:07:56 NBIGP
  • 01:09:47 Hobbs Kessler takes down Wightman
  • 01:19:47 Elle St. Pierre is back
  • 01:24:08 Noah Lyles *WTW
  • 01:32:24 Lyles worry meter
  • 01:35:46 Olympic marathon trials 2nd look- drafting?
  • 01:38:32 Text of week - timing is everything
  • 01:41:27 What if a big name had taken it more conservatively?
  • 01:44:43 Frank Shorter and Bill Rodgers
  • 01:46:08 Rupp's future?
  • 01:51:19 Michael Saruni doping excuse
  • 02:01:29 Guest Gary Corbitt on NY Pioneer Club and Ted Corbitt *Ted Corbitt obituary
  • 02:17:12 Natural History exhibit Details here
  • 02:21:48 Olympic marathon start times
  • 02:27:42 Five borough marathon
  • Links: Pioneer club exhibit details here Ted Corbitt obituary
  • WTW
  • Amby Burfoot link

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