American Record Special with Yared Nuguse and Woody Kincaid (Guests)

1 year ago

What a special podcast we have for you. We sit down with both American record holders from the weekend Yared Nuguse of the On Athletics Club and Woody Kincaid of Nike.

First up is Yared and he talks about his 7:28.24 American record at 3000m, his first year as a pro, his dream of the Olympic Gold, his retirement plans, and more.

Then, Woody joins @46:13 and talks his 12:51.61 American 5000m record, his training situation in Flagstaff, leaving the Bowerman Track Club, that Jerry Schumacher quote, the Shelby Houlihan situation, how the death of his father impacted him, and much more.

Detailed show notes below.

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  • 1:35 Yared Nuguse American 3000m record holder
  • 08:29 What's the reason for his progress in the last year?
  • 14:33 What has been the biggest adjustment as a pro?
  • 16:07 Picking a pro team
  • 23:25 Notre Dame years
  • 25:40 His start in running
  • 29:33 Dental school is on hold until....
  • 32:00 "I want to be able to like win gold at the Olympics one of these days"
  • 36:40 American record attempt at Millrose
  • 46:13 Woody Kincaid
  • 48:03 How does it feel to be an American record holder? Can he get the 3k record this weekend?
  • 53:01 Which is better 7:28 or 12:51?
  • 55:23 Is he a medal threat now?
  • 01:00:20 Who are the biggest stars in American distance running? + his favorite American runner
  • 01:06:15 Getting started in the sport
  • 01:10:14 Did he feel overshadowed at Bowerman?
  • 01:16:39 Jerry's comment 'I think you're throwing away your career by leaving"'
  • 01:25:18 Training in the fall, double threshholds, Marius Bakken
  • 01:32:41 The relief/pressure of running 12:51, how he started working with Mike Smith
  • 01:37:41 His tattoo
  • 01:43:30 The worst take about Woody on LetsRun
  • 01:46:28 His accommodations in Flagstaff
  • 01:47:23 The Shelby Houlihan situation, doping
  • 01:51:39 The death of his dad

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