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American Record Madness at NBIGP, Oregon Milers Run Fast & Trash Talk, Super Spikes

7 months ago

Bryce Hoppel, Donavan Brazier, and Elle Purrier set American records at the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix, Cooper Teare and Cole Hocker crushed the collegiate record in the mile and Sam Tanner did it in the 1500.

Ajee Wilson is back, Robby Andrews struggled in his return, as did Sydney McLaughlin, Drew Hunter, and Noah Lyles.

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Show notes: (get time stamps by joining our SC)

  • Start Super shoes
  • Oregon NCAA record Milers & shoes
  • Shit talking v Matthew Centrowitz
  • Sam Tanner NCAA record
  • NBIGP: What a meet, 3 American distance records which was best?
  • 43:43 Will Jenny Simpson make the Olympic team?
  • Olli Hoare Australian record 1500
  • Ajee Wilson is back
  • Sydney McLaughlin, Drew Hunter, Noah Lyles who had the worst meet?
  • Kenyan XC champs
  • Beatrice Chepkoech 5k record in Monaco
  • Robby Andrews

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