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New Drug in Kenya? Almaz Ayana is Back? Parker Valby or Katelyn Tuohy? Non-binary prize money

7 months ago

Boston Marathon champ Diana Kipyokei tested positive for triamcinolone acetonide - is this the new drug of choice in Kenya?

Almaz Ayana showed she isn't done as she debuted in 2:17 at the TCS Amsterdam Marathon with Genzebe Dibaba making history herself.

Keira D'Amato will be at the TCS NYC Marathon as will non-binary prize money. The WMM make it explicit they care less about the elites.

Who is the NCAA XC favorite? Katelyn Tuohy or Parker Valby? Show notes below.

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  • Show notes:
  • 1:59 2021 Boston Marathon champ Diana Kipyokei suspended
  • 18:04 Love for Edna Kiplagat
  • 21:14 Almaz Ayana 2:17 Debut Marathon, Genzebe Dibaba 2:18 at TCS Amsterdam Marathon
  • 32:50 America is most likely to medal at the 2024 Olympics in what distance event?
  • 34:15 Keira D'Amato running TCS New York City Marathon, Peres Jepchirchir Out
  • 41:25 Rojo Rant: Non-Binary Prize Money
  • 50:10 World Marathon Majors makes it explicit - less emphasis on elites
  • 58:53 Email of the Week - Flying to Valencia instead of racing CIM
  • 61:58 Why running isn't popular
  • 63:05 Rojo's Confession of Week involving Kenenisa Bekele
  • 70:36 Cross Champs at TRE
  • 72:37 Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon
  • 76:39 NCAA Cross Country - Katelyn Tuohy Big Win But Could Parker Valby be NCAA Favorite?
  • 83:34 Will an NCAA woman run 14:50 for 5k this year?
  • 85:40 Training Thread of Week - Parker Valby/Natalie Cook - what am I missing?
  • 91:40 Intern Karl update / Colin Sahlman debut *More here
  • 97:05 20th Anniversary of (Wejo Pacing) Paula Radcliffe World Record #1
  • 100:27 'Hickam' El Guerrouj

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