Fisher Leaves Bowerman, Fast Valencia Half, Ingebrigtsen Drama, Spouses of Fast and Famous

7 months ago

Grant Fisher, the American record holder at 3000, 5000, and 10000, has left the Bowerman Track Club. What's next for Grant and Bowerman?

The Ingebrigtsen family feud is now public. What should the solution be in terms of track and field?

Kibiwott Kandie got the win for Kenya at the Valencia Half Marathon in 57:40 as the Ethiopian record books and world top-1o times were re-written left by Yomif Kejelcha finishing second in 57:41.

Why aren't Americans running faster in the half marathon? And how many Americans will qualify for the Olympic Marathon? The Road to Paris list is out.

We end @ 85:23 with a new segment Spouses of the Fast and Famous, and our guest is Kate Kodet, wife of Andrew Brick Johnson, the composer of the intro music, and who turns 40 today. Happy Birthday Andrew.

  • Show notes:
  • 00:00
  • 01:35 Start - Banter Wags of Fast and Famous, Wejo runs a 60, Texas Rangers World Series
  • 08:17 Grant Fisher leaves Bowerman
  • 29:06 Will Bowerman exist in 4 years?
  • 38:36 Millrose Games same day as Superbowl
  • 41:42 London meet had 50,000 fans and lost money
  • 46:52 Ingebrigtsen family drama
  • 51:42 What should the solution be?
  • 57:55 Amazing times and finish in Valencia Half Marathon
  • 01:04:17 Should the Americans be able to break Ryan Hall's record?
  • 01:11:17 Road to Paris Rankings out, how many Americans will make Olympic marathon?
  • 01:19:08 Heps XC
  • 01:25:23 Spouses of Fast and Famous: Kate Kodet wife of Andrew Brick Johnson (composer of LetsRun intro music)
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