2023 Bold Predictions + the 2022 LRC Track and Field Trivia Quiz

1 year ago

Happy New Year!

We start with a quiz of the 2022 Track and Field year before discussing New Year races and Grant Fisher's big 2022.

Then we turn to our Big Bold Predictions at 65:02. First we look back at our predictions for 2022 before turning to our predictions for 2023.

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  • Show notes:
  • 00:35 NordVPN the VPN of LetsRun
  • 01:40 2022 Track and Field Trivia Quiz
  • 22:59 FBI calls Rojo
  • 24:26 Some big New Year's races and a new star?
  • 29:14 Grant Fisher's Amazing 2022
  • 35:19 Ethiopian cross champs Gidey doing Worlds
  • 38:21 The Wild Duck closing in Eugene
  • 45:24 The crazy Mahiedine Mekhissi retiring
  • 53:18 Houston half and marathon fields out - could the American record(s) fall again? Tirunesh Dibaba returns
  • 65:00 Bold Predictions for 2023
  • 01:05:02 Reviewing our bold predictions for 2022
  • 01:08:53 Jon bold prediction #1 (Men's 1500)
  • 01:11:55 Wejo bold prediction #1 (Sha'Carri Richardson)
  • 01:15:39 Rojo bold prediction #1 (Boston Marathon)
  • 01:19:02 Jon bold prediction #2 (US half marathon)
  • 01:22:18 Rojo bold prediction #2 (Men's 200)
  • 01:23:53 Wejo bold prediction #2 (Max Siegel)
  • 01:24:38 Jon bold prediction #3 (Men's 1500 at Worlds)
  • 01:32:28 Wejo bold prediction #3 (Hobbs Kessler)
  • 01:34:18 Rojo bold prediction #3 (Athing Mu)
  • 01:38:27 What are you most excited about in 2023?

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