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OAC's Joe Klecker - Olympic Hopeful and Running Royal (Sponsored by On)

1 year ago

Joe Klecker of the OAC is a strong Olympic hopeful in the 5,000 (13:06 PB) and 10,000 (27:23 PB) and comes from running royalty. His mom Janis won the 1992 Olympic Marathon Trials and his dad Barney was the world record holder at 50 miles.

We spoke to Joe fresh off his 27:23 10,000m which put him under the Tokyo Olympic standard and lets him focus all-in on June 18th the first day of the Olympic Trials and the day of the 10,000m final.

For more Countdown to the Trials Coverage sponsored by On including a talk with Joe's coach Dathan Ritzenhein click here.

  • Show notes:
  • 2:17 Joe's 27:23 10,000m
  • 7:18 Growing up in a (America's #1) running family
  • 13:52 No one remembers the NCAA runner-up at Colorado
  • 18:05 Turning pro
  • 27:53 Can CU get back on top?
  • 31:23 The Trials 5k vs 10k
  • 35:51 His Famous Running Parents / Jim Walmsley & Supershoes
  • 41:40 Is the marathon in Joe's future?

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