Kerr Dodges Jakob, Mo Farah's hangs them up, tanking at HYPs, another USATF lawsuit

10 months ago

Thank you for your support. The Diamond League final heads to the Prefontaine Classic. Jakob will be doing the double, but he won't be facing Josh Kerr who dominated the 5th Avenue Mile yet pulled out of the DL final.

We have a new WR in the road 5k and mile, have some tanking in college cross country, and a lot more to talk about.

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DL Final prediction contest here.

  • Show notes:
  • 00:00 Start
  • 02:04 NFL banter
  • 03:52 Jakob gets 2k WR, will do mile/3k at Pre
  • 10:32 Could Jakob get world record in mile?
  • 14:44 Josh Kerr dominates 5th ave and pulls out of DL final
  • 18:25 SC only audio on Appearance Fees
  • 22:12 When should DL final be?
  • 30:20 Prefontaine schedule
  • 33:27 Can Grant Fisher be a factor at Pre?
  • 36:18 Who gets wild cards?
  • 48:07 SC free beer policy
  • 51:45 Mo Farah runs his final race. How good was he?
  • 01:06:38 Princeton tanks the Harvard Yale Princeton meet
  • 01:21:04 World road 5k and 10k record by
  • 01:26:54 Message board post of week
  • 01:32:19 USATF board member Jim Estes suing USATF

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