Klecker FURIOUS w Kincaid? Monson American Record, NCAA Indoor Preview, Tokyo Marathon

1 year ago

Alicia Monson crushed the American 10,000m record but was beaten by Eilish McColgan, but we start with 30 minutes on the men's race and Joe Klecker vs Woody Kincaid and the thread: Klecker FURIOUS with Kincaid. Is there a controversy? Is a race more than about winning?

Then we turn to the Tokyo Marathon and Cam Levin's (2:05:36) Canadian and North American record, plus the depth of the Japanese, and Betsy Saina of the US becoming the 8th fastest American ever with her 2:21:40.

We then preview the NCAA meet where the Washington men will be going for history in the mile, 800 U20 phenoms (Will Sumner, Roisin Willis, Michaela Rose, and Juliette Whittaker) could make history and we fully expect Katelyn Tuohy to leave with 2 more NCAA titles.

Then, we end with Euro indoors. Is Jakob Ingebrigtsen just good or arrogant?

(Show notes with timestamps below)

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